Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Special Exhibition 2023: New Arrivals Exhibit—Items donated in FY 2021—

September 14, 2023

From atomic-bomb survivors and their bereaved families, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is still receiving donations of materials, including items left behind by the deceased, which have carefully been preserved, as well as drawings depicting survivors’ experiences and photographs showing the devastation of the atomic bombing.
This exhibition displays 150 items of 744 items that were donated between April 2021 and March 2022.
There is an atomic bomb survivor who has created many pictures of his own experience. He again painted a picture of his younger sister who was exposed to the atomic bombing and died at the age of eight. “Why did my sister have only eight years to live?” the words written on the painting express his deep sorrow for the loss of his sister.
The materials presented here provide us with various aspects of what the use of the atomic bomb has brought about.


1, Period

September 14, 2023-February 27, 2024


2, Location

East Building 1F, Special Exhibition Room


3, Number of Exhibits

150 exhibits, including photo panels and items


4, Admission



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