Exhibitions and Events

The permanent exhibition starts from the “Introductory Exhibit” on the third floor of the East Building. Then visitors view the “Reality of the Atomic Bombing” and “Gallery” in the Main Building, and go back to the East Building to explore the “Dangers of Nuclear Weapons” on the 3rd floor and “Hiroshima History” on the 2nd floor.

The permanent exhibition of the Main Building displays personal belongings left behind by the victims, photos, pictures and other exhibits depicting the A-bomb disaster and conveys what really happened on August 6, 1945.

In the East Building, along with the permanent exhibits on the danger of nuclear weapons and history of Hiroshima, visitors may access video testimonies of the A-bomb survivors and temporary exhibitions which are held in the special exhibition room on the 1st floor and in the temporary exhibition room in the basement.


*The East Building and the Main Building respectively reopened in April 2017 and April 2019.


Special Exhibitions

You can access information about currently featured and previously presented Special Exhibitions.

Other Exhibitions

You can access information about the New Arrivals Exhibit and the Exhibits from the Artifact Collection in the 1st basement level.


You can access information about lecture meetings and other special Events.