Testimonies and Lectures

The Museum conducts various projects as follows including testimonies and lectures in order to pass down the experience of the A-bomb survivors and to raise awareness about the importance of peace.


A-bomb Survivor Testimony

A-bomb survivors offer testimonies about their A-bombed experiences.

The testimonies are available even in your country through the Internet video conferencing system. For more information, refer to the following:


 ●To listen to the testimony on site, click here.

 ●To listen to the testimony online, click here.
 ●To watch testimony video, click here.


Talk by the A-bomb Legacy Successor

A-bomb Legacy Successors took over the A-bomb survivor’s experience and give testimony on behalf of them. The lectures are offered to groups if requested, while they are regularly held in the Museum. For more detail, refer to the following:


 ●To make a reservation, click here.

 ●To see the schedule and location of the lectures in the Museum, click here.


Guided Tours by Hiroshima Peace Volunteers

Hiroshima Peace Volunteers offer guided tours in the Museum as well as in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

* Guided tours inside the Museum are temporarily suspended. Only guided tours in the Peace Memorial Park are available.