“A-bomb Drawings by Survivors” in 8K Ultra-high-definition Television

Special Exhibition

  • August 1, 2017 - August 16, 2017
  • Information Lounge,
    East Building 1F, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Exhibition Overview

General Information

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is seriously concerned about the deterioration of its collection and makes special efforts to improve preservation measures.

More than 40 years have passed since the A-bomb Drawings by Survivors were created. The preservation of the drawings is also an urgent issue for the museum.  

As a solution for the problem, NHK and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum have digitally archived roughly 4,200 A-bomb Drawings by Survivors in ultra-high definition images. This enabled us to clearly display in the exhibitions the scenes which the survivors saw and pictured on their drawings.


In this exhibition, we display these images by using the Interactive 8K viewer, which was developed by NHK. Visitors may also access a TV program about the 8K images of the A-bomb Drawings which was produced by NHK.  



1. “Stories Told by A-bomb Drawings by Survivors – Hiroshima: the First Three Days after the Blast” (10 min.)

Language: Japanese with English subtitles


2. A-bomb Drawings on Interactive 8K Viewer (20 min.)

Viewing A-bomb drawings, linked by time and places, on a 3D map of Hiroshima

Language: Japanese/English switchable


*Programs 1 and 2 are displayed on a 85 inch screen repeatedly by rotation.

*Any changes in the schedule might occur due to the number of visitors. 


August 1 (Tue.), 2017 - August 16 (Wed.), 2017

9:00-18:30 (9:00-19:30 on August 5 and 6)

Admission: Free (Permanent Exhibitions on 2F and 3F require fee.)