● Visitors may take photographs without flash for personal purposes. (No application is needed.)

Please be especially careful not to disturb other visitors with shutter sounds of your camera including cell-phones when taking photographs.


● The person or attendant who wishes to take photographs for graduation albums or for peace-studies reports, must submit an “Application for Photography” to the Information counter on the 1st floor of the East Building before entering the Museum.


[Download the application form for photography]

 ・Application Form(PDF)

 ・Application Form(Word)


●Flash photography and/or photography for the purpose of publication requires an application in advance.


Even when you are permitted to use flash, please make sure that the flash does not disturb other visitors.

Depending on the condition of the exhibits or the number of visitors, the Museum may place a restriction on photography. Please comply with the instructions given by the Museum staff.


● Even when you are permitted to use flash, tripods, lighting fixtures, and any other equipment that may obstruct other visitors are not allowed during opening hours.




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