Digitally remastered footage of Hiroshima before the A-bombing is currently available on the Peace Database.

July 6, 2017

Since the FY 2016, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum has been conducting various efforts to improve preservation measures of its collection: surveying deterioration rate, improving display and storage conditions, and so on.

While taking special efforts to improve storage measures of photo films, movie films, and video tapes, as the deterioration rate of these materials are seriously concerned, we promote digitization of these photo and video materials for permanent preservation.

Recently, we digitally remastered a footage of 16mm film which depicts Hiroshima before the A-bombing, and published it on the museum’s Peace Database. The footage is also available at the library on B1 of the museum.  


Footage of Hiroshima taken by Genjiro Kawasaki  ca. April, 1935


General information

・The footage was taken and donated by Mr. Genjiro Kawasaki  

 (Donated in 1963)

・Duration: 3min. 9sec.

・Shooting date: ca. April, 1935

・Medium: black and white 16mm film, no sound


The donor took the footage in downtown Hiroshima. It depicts cherry blossoms and people around Aioi Bridge, Hatchobori, and the vicinity of Motoyasu Bridge. The digitization improved the quality of the image which indicates that it is highly possible that the footage was taken on April 3 or 4, 1935.



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