August 6, 1945 ― Outline of Atomic Bomb Damage

  • DateApril 26, 2017 - April 24, 2019
  • VenueSpecial Exhibition Room, 1st Floor, East Building

Since its opening on August 24, 1955, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum has conveyed to many people the tragedy of the atomic bombing through exhibits and testimonies of atomic bomb survivors.
     More than seventy years have passed since the atomic bombing, and the generation that experienced the atomic bombing grows older and now the majority of people have never experienced war. In order to convey the reality of the bombing to future generations in a more easily understandable and accurate way, comprehensive renovations to the exhibitions are being undertaken while maintenance to preserve the building is being carried out.
     As the East Building reopened in advance, we are now working to reform the Main Building. 

This exhibition is designed to convey the reality of the atomic bombing until the reopening of the Museum in spring of 2019, by using the special exhibition room, in place of the Main Building that is temporarily closed for renovation.
     The exhibition presents displays from the Main Building, recently donated personal belongings, and items from storage.
     We hope that visitors will take this opportunity to learn more about the reality of the atomic bombing, and imagine the pain and sorrow of atomic bomb survivors and their bereaved families, and theirby affirm their determination to eliminate nuclear weapons and establish a truly  peaceful world.