Special Exhibition Commemorating the 75th Year of the Bombing: History of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Part 2: Looking into the August 6 —Continuous Efforts to Preserve Artifacts and Convey the Reality of the Atomic Bombing

  • DateFebruary 27, 2021 - July 18, 2021
  • VenueEast Building 1F, Special Exhibition Room

65 years have passed since the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum first opened. The museum collection consists of items donated by survivors, families and relatives of victims, and others. Since its opening, the museum has been committed to conveying the reality of the bombing, based on artifacts such as these. At the same time, the exhibition has been continuously improving by adding new information and introducing various methods for display.

This special exhibition represents the second part of the “History of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.” Following Part 1: “Building the Foundation—Footsteps of the First Director, Shogo Nagaoka,” it traces the history of the museum from the 1970s to today. This exhibition introduces how today’s collection of the museum has been gathered and organized, and the exhibitions have been developed. Tracking the path of the museum, this exhibition also presents how people involved have engaged with each artifact. By learning their thoughts and feelings, we hope visitors will better understand the importance of preserving the artifacts and thereby continuously conveying the reality of the atomic bombing to future generations.






◆ Contents:

1. First Update of the Permanent Exhibition

2. Collecting New Materials and Expanding the Range of the Exhibition

3. Integration with Hiroshima Peace Memorial Hall

4. Conveying the Stories of the Individuals Related to the Artifacts


The Number of the Exhibits

Roughly 200 exhibits, including photo panels and items


*Pictorial records of the exhibition (Japanese/English) are available on site.


Pictorial records(English)

Pictorial records(Japanese)


◆ Free Admission