Special Exhibition Commemorating the 75th Year of the Bombing: History of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Part 1: Building the Foundation —Footsteps of the First Director, Shogo Nagaoka

  • DateJuly 22, 2020 - February 23, 2021
  • VenueVenue : East Building 1F, Special Exhibition Room
    *The museum is closed on December 30 and 31.

On August this year, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum recognizes its 65th anniversary this year. Since it opened, the Museum has exhibited materials with traces of the atomic bombing and conveyed the reality of the damage caused by the bombing. The museum’s exhibition was founded by one parson—Shogo Nagaoka. Mr. Nagaoka did not only collect materials but also carried out research and surveys on the atomic bombing, striving over his entire life to achieve a clear understanding of the reality of the bombing.


In this special exhibition we trace the footsteps of Mr. Nagaoka based on materials recently donated to the Museum by his family members, thereby introduce the path to the Museum’s opening and what it was like in its early stages.




◆ Contents:

1. Walking Over the Scorched Earth

2. Displaying the Collected Materials to the Public

3. Opening the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

4. Unfaltering Passion


The Number of the Exhibits

Roughly 160 exhibits, including photo panels and items


*Pictorial records of the exhibition (Japanese/English) are available on site.


Pictorial records(English)

Pictorial records(Japanese)


◆ Free Admission