Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Damage and Restoration as Shown in Collections from Overseas

  • DateDecember 27, 2019 - July 20, 2020
  • VenueEast Building 1F
    Special Exhibition Room
    *The museum is closed on December 30 and 31.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum has continuously searched, collected, and organized various materials relating to the atomic bombing such as A-bomb artifacts, relics left behind by the victims, and photographs.


Photo materials have an important meaning to better understand the real aspects of the atomic bombing. Besides a number of photographs that we are already aware of, it is believed that many photos unbeknown to us still exist overseas; there were many foreigners who entered Hiroshima after the atomic bombing.  


The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum has collected photographs and other materials held by various institutions and private individuals overseas by acquiring photographic data and dispatching staff members abroad.


In this exhibition, we look back on the atomic bomb damage suffered by Hiroshima and the restoration after the atomic bombing, with a focus on photographic materials and witness accounts that we have collected from overseas in recent years.




◆ Contents:

1. Before the bomb was dropped (4 photo panels)

2. Large photos donated by The Stimson Center (4 large-sized photos)

3. Atomic bombing (2 photo panels)

4. Aerial photographs taken after the war (17 photo panels)

5. Ruins of Hiroshima (15 photo panels, 1 video projection display)

6. Hypocenter (8 photo panels)

7. Restoration (13 photo panels)

8. Assistance from overseas: “Houses for Hiroshima” project (4 photo panels)


- 9 column panels

- 21 exhibits in display cases: A-bomb artifacts donated from overseas are included.

- 1 TV display (accounts of eyewitnesses)  


*Pictorial records of the exhibition (Japanese/English) are available on site.


Pictorial records(English)

Pictorial records(Japanese)


◆ Free Admission