A-bomb Drawings by Survivors Facing the Memory

  • DateApril 25, 2019 - End of December <tentative>
  • VenueEast Building 1F
    Special Exhibition Room

A-bomb drawings by survivors are valuable testimonies by survivors; they pictured the scenes which were burned into their brains.


45 years have passed since the first picture was drawn by an A-bomb survivor. Since then, a total of over 1,200 survivors have created more than 5,000 drawings.


In 2017, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and NHK jointly produced super-high-definition images of 4,200 A-bomb drawings by survivors by using 8K cameras. Along with the reopening of the Main Building of the museum, we hold this special exhibition which consists of duplications of 8K ultra-high definition and some original drawings as well as a video program.


The survivors drew these pictures while facing their painful memories. We hope the exhibition would communicate the survivors’ cries from their souls.


■ Contents:

(1) 46 exhibits on wall panels:

- Prologue–The First Picture

- Flames and Water

- A Living Hell

- Bodies Altered Beyond Recognition

- Cremating bodies

- Losing Family Members

- Regret and Remorse

- Epilogue–Indescribable by words or drawings


(2) 29 exhibits in display cases:

- Mother and child charred black

- A girl student’s body that was floating in the river over a month


(3) A 8K screening of “Stories Told through A-bomb Drawings by Survivors – Hiroshima (10 min. subtitled in English),” produced by NHK Hiroshima Broadcasting Station is also on screen.


(4) 8K Archive Display System “Interactive A-bomb Drawings 8K Viewer” is available from May 2 to 6 and from August 3 to 7.

According to the staff’s guidance, visitors can select thumbnails of the drawings linked to a 3D map and view each of the ultra-high definition images.


■    Free Admission


■    Co-organized by NHK Hiroshima Broadcasting Station


(The picture was drawn by Senkichi Ueoka)